Mike O' Connor is a Bulletproof and Reinvent Yourself Coach. An NLP  instructor certified by Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler and has given native American workshops in the Lakota tradition in Germany, France and Spain. A Sundancer of many years, he has also run Sweatlodges and Vision Quests with a focus on Rites of Passage and Mentoring.
Michael has developed his own personal insight on health, performance and nutrition, but it is not his formal training that is his primary source of wisdom but instead his life as an independent traveller. For 15 years he backpacked and worked his way around the world. Visiting the Lisu hill tribes of northern Thailand, the jungle peoples of Sri Lanka, the Oglala of Pine Ridge and the Bedouin of Arabia, while working in jobs as diverse as lion and tiger ranger, veterinary nurse, horse trainer and counsellor.
He lives with his daughter in Germany.

Michael has taken years of life experience, nutrition experimentation and study of the mind to become an authoritative Bulletproof and Reinvent Yourself Coach.